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Prometrium Generic Order

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NA nancycarson 21 Jun And I mean to say Snotori that the Prometrium made my once sever pms headachs very tolerable. NA nancycarson 26 Jun Good luck to you.


My insurance company, Prometrium Generic Order, Medica has refused to continue to cover the name brand. Does anyone know resources to get the Prometrium at the best price? Can Medica do this? My doctor has Prometrium generic Order them that the buy Colcrys made me normal and the side effects were minimal now I Prometrium generic Order it. My husband use to tease saying Prometrium was my sanity pill but these are in no way Prometrium generic Order close to sanity.

I’m going to take 1 more 14 day round but am going to go to the dr. And this morning I woke up with the worst though that I’d have to drive 3 hours to get to my dr. Thankfully my mother in law is coming with me so she can take part of the driving: P I’ll let you know what I do. Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy or the only one feeling this way about Progesterone. SN Snotori 26 Jun changed my mind about 1 more round of Progesterone. It’s so not worth it so I’m going back on Prometrium starting July and Prometrium generic Order talk with my Dr. DP dpaysin 28 Jun Same here. I’ve been taking Prometrium for 7 or 8 years and was switched to generic last month. Started second bottle of generic last night and woke up this morning nauseous and soooooo dizzy. Closing my eyes is most uncomfortable. I hope it wears off soon. They are putting me back on the Prometrium.

The only side effects with Prometrium for me are a very deep sleep which is nice unless there’s an emergency! I wake up a little slow but never dizzy. Also a Prometrium generic Order depersonalization and not very emotional about things anymore — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Can’t believe something that claims to be the same is so very different. It has the same amount of Progesterone but its NOT the same formula.

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A friend of mine was Prometrium generic Order switched and ended up in urgent care with bleeding this past weekend. Watson generic is the same formula. My pharmacist marked my file to not give me Teva again. I get Watson and that works the same as the Prometrium did for me. I had stage 4 thyroid cancer in 2007 at 47 years old and started to not feel good about 2 years later.

I had my hormones checked and they said in 2 years time I had gone into a 10 year post menapausal level, Prometrium Generic Order. While on estrogen and prometrium I was feeling okay most of the time, fixed my night sweats and definetly put me into a deep sleep which I needed because the thyroid medicine they have me on forces me to become hyperthyroid Prometrium generic Order. They call it suppression therapy. I was relying on the prometrium to give me a good night sleep. Occasionally I would skip a pill because i would have wild vivid dreams and feel groggy and dizzy at times. I seemed to deal with it. This past weekend I almost went to the ER for about 3 Prometrium generic Order due to unbelievable vertigo feeling all day long. I couldn’t put my head down or up without feeling extermely dizzy. I was even dizzy while I slept at night feeling the room moving, couldn’t wash my face without holding on.

I thought something bad was happening. I actually fell at the park in front of other parents when I got up. I stopped taking the prometrium because it was the only pill that said on it’s label it may cause dizziness.

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I started Prometrium generic Order less dizzy on the 3rd day of not taking the pill at night. I finally went to my primary doctor today to discuss what happened, Prometrium Generic Order. I started Prometrium generic Order him that I think the prometrium is possibly the problem because I feel less dizzy since I stopped it. I had taken it for about 3 weeks. I called my pharmacy and of course said they legally have to have the dose in the same ranges.

Then I hit the internet.

Progesterone is also used as part of combination hormone replacement therapy with estrogens to reduce menopause symptoms (e.g., hot flashes). Progesterone is added to estrogen replacement therapy to reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus. This medication is not for use in children. Progesterone must not be used to test for : progesterone, micronized.

There is also another site called ask a patient that goes on and on about dizziness and vertigo. I’m praying for your issues and your battle with cancer, Prometrium Generic Order. I hope you get back on the real Prometrium or whatever your dr. LA lab200 4 Jan OH my god, these people. If you read down the thread I posted my own story of them switching me back to progesteron without telling me. I’m so glad you found out before read damage could be done.

God bless you and stay on top of your meds. YOu have to be in charge. It is 6 months now and my dizziness is completly GONE. No body could convince me otherwise, I hadn’t changed any Prometrium generic Order thing in my Prometrium generic Order or regimen. Good luck to all. SN Snotori 7 Jan I completely agree. Poison is a perfect word for it. I don’t know what made it so different but I felt like I was off my rocker when I was on it and although it took a month or so for all the symptoms to leave my body I’m so Prometrium generic Order to be Prometrium generic Order of them. I can’t imagine Prometrium generic Order you went through going through it with cancer on top of it. You are such a brave soul and I’m thrilled you are on the real stuff now.

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Prometrium Generic Order

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Prometrium Generic Order

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Prometrium Generic Order

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